Useful Argentina Tourism Information

Useful Argentina Tourism Information

Some Facts about Argentina


The official language in Argentina is Spanish (the Castilian variety). Distinctive features include the use of "vos" rather than "" (meaning “you”) to suggest familiarity, and the use of "che" as a common term of address. English and Portuguese are spoken by most people in the tourist industry.


Summer (December 21 to March 20)
Autumn (March 21 to June 20)
Winter (June 21 to September 20)
Spring (September 21 to December 20)


Due to its area and elongated geography, there is a wide range of climates in Argentina, going from mild, or hot in the north, to ice cold in the south. Ask for details about your destinations.
From ºC to ºF: multiply by 1.8 and add 32.
From ºF to ºC: subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9.


Though the official religion is Roman Catholic, Argentinean citizens enjoy freedom of worship. Religious practices include Jews and Muslims, among others.


Argentina’s main international airport is Ezeiza (its actual name is Ministro Pistarini), located in Buenos Aires Province. It operates most international flights.
The main airport for domestic flights is Aeroparque, located in the City of Buenos Aires (Ezeiza is a one-hour cab ride away from Aeroparque)
The country’s main airlines, Aerolíneas Argentinas and Lan Argentina, operate most domestic flights to major destinations (Other local airlines serve domestic routes also).

Traveling by Plane

Due to the country’s large size, planes are best to travel long distances, and you can then take overland transportation to get to your final destination. Buying Airpass Visit Argentina in your own country, you’ll obtain more economical prices for flights within Argentina. por Aerolíneas Argentinas / Austral, Andes Líneas Aéreas, LADE, LAER, LAN Argentina and Sol Líneas Aéreas operate domestic flights. Domestic flights and flights to Uruguay depart from Jorge Newbery Airport, located to the north of the city beside the Río de la Plata. Airport taxes range from $ 7.05 to U$S 8.

Domestic flights schedule from Buenos Aires to:
State Time
gráfico San Salvador de Jujuy 2 h 10 mins
gráfico Salta 2 h.
gráfico San Miguel de Tucumán 1 h 50 mins
gráfico Puerto Iguazú 1 h 45 mins
gráfico Posadas 1 h 30 mins
gráfico Rosario 52 mins
gráfico Mendoza 1 h 50 mins
gráfico Córdoba 1 h 15 mins
gráfico Mar del Plata 45 mins
gráfico San Carlos de Bariloche 2 h 20 mins
gráfico Trelew 2 hrs.
gráfico Río Gallegos 2 h 55 mins
gráfico El Calafate 3 h 15 mins
gráfico Ushuaia 3 h 20 mins

Traveling by Bus

Buenos Aires bus station is located at Av. Ramos Mejia 1680 close to Retiro Station (Tel. 4310-0700). Long-distance buses are equipped with toilets, air conditioning and bar.

Distances from Buenos Aires:
Provincia Distancia
gráfico Bahia Blanca 660 Km
gráfico Cafayate 1.703 Km
gráfico Córdoba 710 Km
gráfico Corrientes 1.074 Km
gráfico El Calafate 2.681 Km
gráfico Esquel 2.050 Km
gráfico Formosa 1.181 Km
gráfico Humahuaca 1.782 Km
gráfico La Plata 52 Km
gráfico La Rioja 1.168 Km
gráfico Luján 64 Km
gráfico Mar del Plata 410 Km
gráfico Mendoza 1.037 Km
gráfico Neuquén 1.156 Km
gráfico Paraná 495 Km
gráfico Pinamar 401 Km
gráfico Posadas 1.060 Km
gráfico Puerto Iguazú 1.346 Km
gráfico Puerto Madryn 1.382 Km
gráfico Rawson 1.441 Km
gráfico Resistencia 1.019 Km
gráfico Río Gallegos 2.630 Km
gráfico Río Grande 2.850 Km
gráfico Rosario 306 Km
gráfico Salta 1.605 Km
gráfico San Antonio de Areco 114 Km
gráfico San Carlos de Bariloche 1.627 Km
gráfico San Juan 1.119 Km
gráfico San Luis 820 Km
gráfico San Martín de los Andes 1.607 Km
gráfico San Miguel de Tucumán 1.310 Km
gráfico San Rafael 999 Km
gráfico San Salvador de Jujuy 1.654 Km
gráfico Santa Fe 476 Km
gráfico Santa Rosa 607 Km
gráfico Santiago del Estero 1.150 Km
gráfico Termas de Río Hondo 1.150 Km
gráfico Tigre 33 Km
gráfico Trelew 1.436 Km
gráfico Ushuaia 3.171 Km
gráfico Viedma 970 Km
gráfico Valle de Las Leñas 1.218 Km
gráfico Villa Gesell 416 Km
gráfico Villa La Angostura 1.695 Km

Traveling By Car (Car rental)

All international car rental companies operate in Argentina. The following companies have offices In Buenos Aires: Ai Rent a Car International (Maipú 965, Tel. 4311-1000), ), Alamo Rent a Car - National (Carlos Pellegrini 1175, 1st Floor “C”, Tel. 4322-3320), Avis Rent a Car (Cerrito 1527, Tel. 4326-5542), Budget Rent a Car ((Marcelo T. de Alvear 590, 10th Floor, Tel. 4311-4555), Dollar Rent a Car (M.T. de Alvear 449, Tel. 4315-8800), Hertz - Annie Millet Rent a Car (Paraguay 1138, Tel. 4816-8001), Localiza Rent a Car (Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1180, 2nd Floor, Off. 205 “C”, Tel. 4121-5600), Thrifty Car Rental (Carlos Pellegrini 1576, Loc.24, Tel. 4326-0418).

Travel Health

No vaccinations are required before entry into Argentina. Running water is fit for consumption in most cities, though it’s best to ask first. Public hospitals are open for emergency care 24 hours a day, free of charge. Health care professionals are acknowledged worldwide as exceedingly competent.   

National Holidays

Banks, offices and some businesses will close, but most cinemas and theatres stay open. Tour operators are usually open for business. If a holiday falls on a weekend, or a weekday, the holiday is generally moved to the following or previous Monday.

Argentine national holidays: 
Date Description
gráfico 1 de Enero New Year
gráfico 24 de Marzo National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice
gráfico Marzo/Abril Easter - Good Friday
gráfico 2 de Abril Veterans’ Day and tribute to the fallen in the Malvinas War
gráfico 1 de Mayo Labor Day
gráfico 25 de Mayo Anniversary of the First Independent Argentine Government
gráfico 20 de Junio National Flag Day
gráfico 9 de Julio National Independence Day
gráfico 17 de Agosto Anniversary of the death of General José de San Martín
gráfico 12 de Octubre Columbus Day
gráfico 8 de Diciembre Columbus Day
gráfico 25 de Diciembre Christmas Day

gráfico Floating Holiday. 
gráfico If the date falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the holiday will be effective on the preceding Monday; if it falls on Thursday or Friday, the holiday will be effective the following Monday.
gráfico Holiday effective the third Monday of the month.

Time Zones

The time zone is GMT -3 hours. At present, Daylight Saving is not in use in the summer months. In some provinces, Daylight Saving is in use in winter.
City life is hectic; people in most cities are late to bed and early to rise.

Phone Services and Internet Access

The existing telecoms networks provide pay pone services throughout Argentina. Pay phones can be operated with 25-cent, 50-cent and one peso coins. Calling cards are available at any kiosk or shop.
Pay phone shops (called locutorios) are widespread, providing pay phone services and Internet access.
An hour’s worth of Internet Access goes from USD 0.50 to 1.00 at a pay phone shop.
Many coffee shops and stores have expanded their services to free wi-fi internet access.


The Argentinean currency is the Argentinean Peso ($ar). There are $ar 100, $ar 50, $ar20, $ar10, $ar5 and $ar2 bills, and $ar 1, $ar 0.50, $ar 0.25 and $ar 0.10 cent coins.
The American dollar and the euro are the most common international currencies. They can be exchanged in banks or exchange shops by showing the passport. Credit cards and dollars are accepted in most shops (we recommend to consult anyway).

Exchange rates

In 2014 the dollar is worth between $ar 8.50 (official exchange) and $ar 12.00 (non official). The euro between $ar 11.35 (official exchange) and $ar 14 (non official exchange).

VAT and Tax Free shopping

VAT (Value Added Tax) is 21%. For tax free shopping, customers must keep their receipts and fill in a form available at an International Airport.


Power supply: 220V, 50HzHz. Plugs may have two circular metal pins (Australian-style) or two flat angled blades and one vertical grounding blade (European-style). Carrying a plug adaptor is advised.

Consulates and Embassies

Click here to see the list of foreign diplomatic representations in Argentina.


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