San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca wine tours

San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca wine tours


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Wine Roads Rioja Province - Famatina Valley (La Rioja province)

Their grapes are striking in black and the vineyard is beautiful because it is framed in a quite breeze. Hundred of hectares which are not any given hectares. They have ancient and recent history.  Are at the foot of the Paimán chain, which was the setting of the Aguada culture, while open today, there, in the midst of a landscape that hurts the sky. The wineries of the area offer different activities to enjoy their wines. Here in the famous Torrontés riojano.

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Caminos del vino


National Park Talampaya (La Rioja province)

Together with the National Park Ischigualasto in San Juan, comprise a vast basin of 600.000 hectares, where have been preserved important paleontologist, archeologist and geological vestiges. Here alternate extensive white deserts, imposing walls of red stone, valleys, capricious stone shapes carved by nature.

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Laguna Brava Reserve (La Rioja province)

Is a unique site because of its wild beauty and the framework scenic offered by the Andes Cordillera. . Is settled at 4.200 m.a.s.l. and constitutes a vicuñas reserve (can be seen in quantity at few meters of the road), and recently has been named Sitio Ramsar. Is a very important wetland because of its seasonal populations of pink flamingos and its background of high salinity gives it its characteristic white.

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Laguna Brava


Wine Roads in the Catamarca valleys (Catamarca province)

Catamarca invites to travel and discover the roads that open the experience or your senses. The healthy sun and the sweet moon decorate the celebration of the harvest, where the small winery-boutiques respect every trait of it centenary work and that is how the selected gapes conserve intact their qualities.

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Viñedos Catamarca


The most famous volcanoes in the world (Catamarca province)

One of the most beautiful arid landscapes in Argentina, and at the same time, less visited. In this area of more than 200 volcanoes (where the famous Ojos del Salado and Pissis come out) the body becomes pure spirit. The Antofagasta and La Alumbrera lagoons and the impressive salty areas complete the picture.

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Ischigualasto or Moon Valley (San Juan province)

Mystery and amazement, two words that resume what the Moon Valley induce to the visitor. It is without question, one of the paleontological references in Argentina. One of the most striking aspects is the polychromy of its rocks that being affected by differential erosion, acquire capricious forms that has led to identify them with animals and objects from the Mesozoic era. Here were found the remains of the Eoraptor, one of the oldest dinosaurs.

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Valle de la Luna - San Juan


Barreal and Pampa del Leoncito (San Juan province)

With an exceptional weather, Barreal constitutes a setting of stark contrasts, where the imposing framework of the mountain range and its alleys and the golden poplars create the ideal conditions for rest. There lies the incredible Pampa Del Leoncito, a perfectly horizontal area of ground level that measures 4 by 12 km which makes possible the practice of ‘Carrovelismo’, where light cars are driven by the “Conchabao” wind achieving a speed of 100km/h.

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Pampa y Leoncito


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