Salta wine tours

Salta wine tours


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Salta Wine Roads

Its landscapes, its colors, the breeze of its mountains and a clear sky, make the Salteña Wine Route the most chosen place to enjoy historic villages, vineyards, wineries and wines of height. Their main productive centre it is situated in Cafayate. There matures the strain of Torrontés, a white wine that is distinguished by its intense fruity aroma and flavor,  which next to the Malbec are the strain insignia in Argentina. The wineries of the area offer accommodation, gastronomy, tastings and different activities.

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Turismo de Vinos - Salta


Calchaquí Valleys

Behind the stunning rock formations of their ravines and multicolored hills, arise villages which houses of mud and straw carry the traveler to ancient times. It is also the wine area by excellence in Salta (Cafayate, Cachi, Molinos, San Carlos, Angastaco). Further south, already in the province of Tucumán, there is the unique city of Tafí del Valle. The Calchaquí valleyscircuit is the ideal route by far, here nature and history agree in a unique way to the delight of all.

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Turismo de Vinos - Salta


The Puna with Salar, Sky and Tren de las Nubes (Train Clouds)

In the immensity of this anticline, situated at more than 4.000 meters, are found peaks with eternal snows, black volcanoes, extensive seas of salt, lagoons full of flamingos and vicuñas that blend with the desert landscape, are impossible to cover with a gaze.
Internationally recognized, here you can enjoy the most amazing train in the world, the one that reaches to the clouds, amounting to 4.200 meters in height in a tour of 434 km round trip. It is one of the three highest railroads in the world that crosses vertiginous mountains of the Andes cordillera (mountain range) between spectacular landscapes.

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Tren de las Nubes


Magical villages of northern Argentina - Quebrada de Humahuaca, Purmamarca (Seven Colors Cerro) y Tilcara (Jujuy province)

It constitutes a cultural route of 10.000 years.  By their trails walked aboriginal from different ethnic groups, that today still retain religious beliefs, rites, festivals, art, music and agricultural techniques which are a living heritage (declared world heritage site by UNESCO).

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Surroundings of Salta city and Gaucho trail with History, traditions and landscapes

Between 10 to 25 km paved routes, in just 10 minutes you can leave behind the city of Salta and its movement and access to nature, calm, rural activities or ranch that offer quality services (“Villa San Lorenzo”, “La Caldera”, “Campo Quijano”and “Vaqueros”). Moreover, heading southeast, begins a circuit of great historical significance, with places such as “Finca La Cruz”, “Fuerte de Cobos”and Posta de Yatasto”) stage of struggle for national independence, held in the North between 1810 and 1821.

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San Lorenzo


City of Salta

The historic center of Salta is unique in Argentina. Both in its urban weft and in its spatial  and functional relationship, in the public and private space, in the ratio of the space built and the free space (patios); to summarize, in their quality of life.

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Ciudad de Salta


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