7 days
6 nights



Day 1: City of Catamarca

We will be waiting you at the airport or bus terminal station of the city of Catamarca. Our guide will welcome you and transfer you to your hotel for check-in. In the afternoon, a tour of the City of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca and its surroundings, highlighting the 25 de Mayo square, surrounded by her big orange. Also we will visit the Craft Market, the Cathedral Basilica, a luxury of the history of architecture, the Dique El Jumeal, the archaeological ruins of Pueblo Perdido de la Quebrada and of course La Gruta de La Virgen del Valle. Finally we will visit the Archaeological Museum Adam Quiroga and the church of San Francisco. Finished our journey we back to the hotel. Night in Catamarca.

Day 2: Wineries of Tinogasta: Artisanal Wines

Breakfast at the hotel. Early in the morning we checked-out to move to Tinogasta, tourist area with its old buildings, landscapes of high mountains that offer beautiful viewpoints and areas virtually untouched. These lands are also known for its vineyards and fine regional wines artisanal production. We will visit the premises of Bodega Alta Esperanza, one of the most emblematic of the region. Our guide will teach us about the wines of Catamarca, manufacturing processes and systems vine training. Also we will share a talk on tasting techniques and taste the wines of our hosts. After the visit, while enjoying a stunning mountain landscape, we head to the Hotel Casa Grande, where we stay. This boutique hotel has the characteristic of being entirely built of adobe, with a perfect alchemy between rusticity and comfort. Tinogasta night.

Day 3: Route of the Adobe - Baths of Fiambala

Breakfast at the hotel. We will check out and this day will pass the surprising Abode Route linking Fiambalá Tinogasta with a tour of various historical monuments of adobe, built in the mid-eighteenth century, colonial architecture, and Hispanic mission. Abode Route has the feature running through vast vineyards and wineries host large. So know Bodega Don Diego, visit their facilities and taste their exquisite wines high. To end an unforgettable day we will move to the Baths of Fiambalá divine corner stone thermal baths mountainous. Here the hot springs emerge at 1750 msnm with temperatures ranging between 28 º and 51 º. The Baths of Fiambalá currently receive tourists from different parts of the world, who enjoy diving into the water to renew energy and receive the healing power that brings its mineral wealth, used for health treatments and relaxation therapies highly recommended by modern medicine. Here we will relax and enjoy the thermal water in its natural state. After the excursion, we will move to the city of La Rioja. Night in La Rioja.

Day 4: City of La Rioja

Breakfast at the hotel. We will be waiting you at the airport or at the station of buses of the city of La Rioja. Our guide will welcome you and we will transfer you to the hotel selected for check-in. In the afternoon we will have a pedestrian walk in La Rioja. This city with soul of town retains the perfume of the orange blossoms from orange trees that surround the main square. We walk the streets, meet its people and will visit the most representative historical buildings, notably the Cathedral Church, the historical House of Government, tour Cultural Castro Barros and of course all their essence through a unique architectural landscape. Complete our journey back to the hotel. Overnight in La Rioja.

Day 5: Ischigualasto Natural Park (Moon Valley)

Breakfast at the hotel. We will move to the town of Villa Union. We will prepare to start the amazing excursion to the Ischigualasto Natural Park also known as The Moon Valley, declared in 2000 as a natural heritage for its high scientific value, since it preserves an important palaeontological reserve. It is the only place where you can see fully exposed and perfectly differentiated throughout the Triassic period in the form complete and orderly it is estimated that the geological formations found here have an age of between 180 and 230 million years. The Park offers a strange landscape, where the scarcity of vegetation and the range of colours of its soils, also the random in shapes of the mountains, make it a favorite place for tourists from all over the world. In our tour guided by specialists in the Park, we admire the indescribable geoforms eroded by wind and water from million years, highlighting the "mushroom", "painted Valley" and the "submarine", among others. Complete this approximately 3-hour tour we will visit the paleontological museum, located at the base of the Park. In the afternoon we return to the hotel. Night in Villa Union.

Day 6: Talampaya National Park

Breakfast at the hotel. We will check-out to then start our excursion to the Talampaya National Park, also declared by the UNESCO Natural Heritage in the year 2000. This day we will make a tour of the prehistory of our planet, which will take us to get to know one of the sets of paleontological deposits of the Triassic period more important in the world. Surrounded by extensive white deserts, towering walls of red sandstone, valleys, ravines and whimsical stone shapes carved by nature discover at each step the vestiges of the ancient dinosaurs that inhabited these lands for thousands of years.

Talampaya National Park is a gift of nature and of our past generations that transcends our existence. Its beauty and size makes us feel small before its majesty. You will feel this great landscape, formed by the erosion of the wind and water, conveys a sense of humility that is born of the interconnections of all forms of nature and the desire to take care of this land.
You can select from a number of options of tours with Guide (required by regulations of the province of La Rioja) to perform inside the Park.

Recommended Tours:

• Talampaya Canyon (movie track with a duration of 2: 30 hs)
• Talampaya Canyon and Los Cajones (movie track with a duration of 4: 30 hs)
• Rainbow Canyon (trekking from 3: 00 hour´s duration)
• Lost city (trekking from 4: 00 hours duration)

In the area of the Talampaya Canyon are the only tourist complex of the Talampaya National Park services (bathrooms, restaurant, regional and merchandising, camping, sale of excursions, etc) that provides comfort and information to visitors, serving also as a starting point for excursions.
Completed the tour and the visit, return to the city of Villa Union to collect our things in the hotel and move to the city of La Rioja. Hosting. Overnight in La Rioja.

Day 7: A Natural Trip

Breakfast at the hotel. When you tell us, we will transfer from the hotel to the airport or bus station in La Rioja. Farewell. If you wish we can combine your stay in Catamarca and La Rioja with any of the wonderful destinations that ALTURA – Argentina Tourism & Wines has to offer in Argentina.




Note: This Program of activities is presented as a guide and it is flexible. You may propose suggestions or changes that will help us make you enjoy your stay in La Rioja/Camarca even more.































Services included

  • Bilingual guide specialized in wines and permanent coordination.
  • 2 visits to wineries with wine tasting.
  • 1 tour to the city of Catamarca.
  • 1 excursion to Tinogasta
  • 1 excursion to Baths of Fiambala
  • 1 tour to the city of La Rioja.
  • 1 Tour to the Talampaya National Park.
  • 1 Tour to the Ischigualasto Natural Park (Moon Valley).
  • 6 nights at the selected hotel with breakfast.
  • All the transportations in Catamarca and La Rioja.
  • Transfers airport or bus station / hotel / airport or bus station.


Not included services

  • Options and extras not included in the program


Options of Wineries to Visit

In Tinogasta: Alta Esperanza, Bodega Cuello Roca, Vittorio Longo, Saldaño, Elías J. Saleme, Yucuco.

In Fiambalá: Cabernet de los Andes, Finca Don Diego, Frutos de Fiambalá.

Options subject to availability.


Accommodation Options

  • Hotel 4 starts
  • Hotel Boutique
  • Hotel 3 stars

Options subject to availability at the selected date.


It is good to know about

  • Distances
    Buenos Aires - San Fernando del Valle: 1178 km.
    San Fernando del Valle - Tinogasta: 270 km.
    San Fernando del Valle - Fiambalá: 330 km.
    Tinogasta - Tour de los Seismiles: 200 km.
  • Flight frequencies - Buenos Aires / Catamarca / Buenos Aires
    There are daily flights that connect Buenos Aires / Catamarca / Buenos Aires from 6:00 am until 10 pm. Visit
  • Frecuencia de buses - Buenos Aires / Catamarca / Buenos Aires
    There are many bus companies that connect Buenos Aires with Neuquen and vice versa every day. The majority of the departure schedules start at 18 pm at any of the two points and the trip lasts approximately 16 hours.