Who We Are

Why Choose Us

We know that when we have to decide which may be the reliable company that will show us the Argentine vineyards we may have many doubts. We want to help you to make the best choice pointing some important aspects when trying to travel. We don’t want to tell you what to choose BUT THE USEFUL REASONS TO MAKE YOUR DECISION AND HERE THERE ARE SOME OF THEM:

1. How can we know the difference between a simple address on the web and a real company?

It’s important for you to be sure that you are contacting a company legaly organized and authorized to develope tourism activity in Argentina and a virtual company that is shown in the Internet. In our country, Tourism Companies are identified trough a number that indicates that it is aproved by the Dirección Nacional de Turismo (National Direction of Tourism Services) which belongs to the Secretaría Nacional de Turismo (National Tourism Secretary). Altura Wine Tourism File Number is N° 7639.

2. Take a look to the memberships of our company.

We are part of prestigious institutions like:|
AAOVYT (Asociación Argentina de Operadores de Viajes y Turismo), AMAVYT

(Asociación Mendocina de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo), AAVYT (Asociación Argentina de Viajes y Turismo) REDUC (Red de Empresas de Turismo Educativo)

3. How much time is the company operating in this sort of services and which is the average of tourists that receives each year?

Altura Wine Tourism has been in this activity for 5 years now and has become one of the leaders in vineyard tourism in Argentina.

Along 2013 there have come trough our company 2000 tourists from different parts of the world.
Besides, our company offers services for expeditions to  Mount Aconcagua under the name: (  , which has made expeditions for more than 800 climbers the season 2013/14.

4. Please, think of all these differences.

We will be very glad to give you addresses of people that have enjoyed their days in Mendoza through our services.

5. Who will answer these questions before, during and after  the trip?

Passion, Experience and Commitment are the Clue of our services. Our team will give you specialized  and personal services. You will be completely informed about days that you can spend at Mendoza, activities, transfers and anything that might interest you.

6. Altura Wine Tourism invites you to an unforgettable and unique experience to discover the new jewel of international vineyards and wine and its natural beauties trough a trip where comfort and security are the principal goal for us.

To accomplish it everything we need is your wish and our commitment.




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