Argentina and  the Malbec wine

Argentina and the Malbec wine

“It’s good that in Argentina there is a little bit of everything. There is the white and nearly all sorts of red ones. But, there is something important: every country must have its personality, and Malbec is the characteristic red wine in Argentina. This is a key for a winemaking country. Never anybody could say that Malbec isn’t good in Argentina; even not all of them are the same quality. We also may make Merlot, Tempranillo, Cabernet or Syrah, but the base of Argentine will always be Malbec”
Michel Rolland

Although Malbec seems to have found the ideal terroir to express its full varietal prowess in Argentina, its birthplace is France. There, this grape is known as Cot or Auxerroir and is mainly grown in the Cahors region. Due to its intense color and dark tones, French Malbec wines were dubbed “the black wines of Cahors”. However, it never achieved greatness in Europe.

Undoubtedly, soil an climate conditions in Argentina are more favourable than in its homeland, which is the reason why Malbec has become Argentina’s signature wine and its most planted red grape.

Argentina and the Malbec

In Argentina, from Malbec come profound, full-bodied and structured wines. Plum is one of the characteristics of this variety. Aromas of black fruits, ripe cherry, red fruits, anise and violet during its youth evolve into aromas of cinnamon and touches of vanilla with ageing.

Mendoza hosts many Malbec types that suit the diversity of soil-climate combinations. It is possible to discover different and distinctive personalities resulting from the different types of soil they grow in. In order to develop its full potential, Malbec requires a wide variation of day and night time temperatures. Higher altitude terroirs yield wines with optimum acidity, lots of colors and sweet and abundant tannins, wines capable of aging wonderfully in barrels. Every country always has some wines that are a local myth. Here, this variety is Malbec.

Malbec: a “unique” wine

Because of its uniqueness and the qualities that achieves in the soils of Mendoza, Malbec is the emblematic variety of Argentina and an important reference point of wines worldwide. Its grape stocks are versatile, thus it’s possible to make young wines, pink, sparkling wines and also some sort of wine to be aged in barrels during long periods. Its color is basically intense red, with shades of purple and blue, especially when they are young. We may recognize it for its fragrances that recall the smell of very mature plums or the marmalades of blackberry or cherry, when it’s young we can be impressed for a kind of harshness, if older; it will be a mature wine of deep complexity.
Its romance with wood will bring to our minds the aroma of chocolate, vanilla, leather and coffee. We may be sure that we are tasting Malbec when we feel a generous dark wine that is at  the same time equilibrated and passionate. It is undoubtedly ours and we like to grind it to the world. It’s time to discover it and taste it personally.


Tempting alliances 

National  types of Malbec could be divided into three principal groups. We will give you some gastronomic combinations for each one.

-Young Malbec. It has an elegant fruity expression and touches of typical flowers like violet, joyful and middle aftertaste. This sort of red wine, which regularly doesn’t have any oak,  matches with appetizers and all sort of snacks (with sausages and some cheese varieties), simple recipes (pizzas), meats in barbecue, pasta with tasty fishes from river, like those of the Litoral Zone.

- Malbec Rosé. Perfect to start lunch, an informal party or picnic and go on enjoying it in recipes with avocado, salty fishes (sardine, anchovies), liver with onions, chicken, turkey, marine rice, « paella » and food made with rabbit.


- Malbec aged slightly in wood (three or four months) enough time for strong bodied wine, even they don’t have the complexity taste of those that lied in cellar for a long time. The risotto with mashes, different ways of preparing the Patagonia lamb or lamb that comes from the « pampas » zone and meats with sausages are a good proposal to join this wine.

- Great Malbec. With not less than ten months ageing. Meals include hatchery and wild game (deer, wild boar, hare, pheasant, quail) and native wild meat (rhea, guanaco, flame) is enhanced with these red ripe, structured and complex.


They are only suggestions. The possibilities are infinite and open to people that like to investigate about wines. The challenge is to dare to new sensations.

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Argentina y el Malbec
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